The Company

Quality since 1926

The company “Fonti S. Bernardo” was founded in 1926 as a joint-stock company for the bottling of mineral water in glass in various formats with a plant in Garessio (CN) in the Maritime Alps. Since ancient times, the S. Bernardo mineral water was known as the “Miraculous Source of St. Bernard” by the locals, the first to benefit from the therapeutic properties of this water and to appreciate its particular lightness. The origin of this suggestive definition can perhaps be found in the legend of Aleramo, a legend that dates back to the year 980 AD It tells how the now octogenarian progenitor of the Marquises of Monferrato, afflicted by kidney and circulatory disorders, cured himself with water of the S. Bernard Sources, taking immediate relief from each sip.

A long history of wellness and purity. Spilled from the popular tradition the water S. Bernard , then diffused for merit of famous figures, as Napoleone and Vittorio Emanuele II, has been, finally, recognized publicly in 1926, year in which they have been officially authorized the exercise and the bottling of the waters. The glass bottle represented the only type of container until 1981 when the first PVC plastic bottle was produced. In 1992 the conversion from PVC to PET took place. At the same time, in 1991 production started at the new Ormea plant, 10 km from Garessio, with a bottling line for PET containers. In May 2015 the ownership of S. Bernard passed from the multinational Sanpellegrino-Nestlé to the Montecristo Group.

S. Bernard is thus at the center of the projects of families that have made history in the tricolor beverage. The Montecristo Group, which has a turnover of 70 million euros and 350 million liters of production, was born from the Biella and Colombo families. In 2011 the Montecristo Group acquired Fonte Ilaria, a company from Lucca which produces carbonated drinks and mineral water, also in the private label sector. In 2012 the group acquired Fonti di Posina in the province of Vicenza, a company active in the mineral water market and specialized in the production of aseptic drinks, in particular in the organic segment, which accounts for 20% of its export turnover. S. Bernardo has now become the absolute protagonist of the Montecristo Group’s projects.

From the historical archive of the S.Bernardo Fonti, the first label bearing the authorization for sale in the Kingdom by Decree of the Ministry of the Interior is dated March 15, 1926.