Establishment policy


San Bernardo SpA for the bottling of mineral and spring water, as well as for the blow molding of preforms, pursues the objectives of quality and food safety to provide the consumer with a safe (consumers) and quality product. It gives absolute priority to the protection of its employees and collaborators, respects the environment, supports sustainable development and is committed to implementing safe procedures by integrating these aspects. Food quality and safety, health and safety at work and respect for the environment are essential elements of our activities and are the responsibility of everyone. Our commitment includes:

  • Strict compliance with current legislation.
  • Continuous review of objectives and targets to support, together with improved performance, aspects of social responsibility such as accident prevention, conservation of natural resources, energy saving and pollution prevention.
  • Encouragement and promotion of employee awareness regarding food quality and safety, health and safety at work and respect for the environment, through regular training, communication and involvement of employees and staff of external companies to pursue continuous improvement.
  • Maintenance of certification of a Management System according to ISO14001, OHSAS18001.
  • Maintenance of certification according to the BRC and IFS schemes

This commitment is embodied in the Objectives and Trigger Management Program, for the implementation of which San Bernardo undertakes to guarantee the necessary resources and ensures that the Plant Policy is appropriately communicated to all employees, stakeholders and the public and reviewed periodically. Garessio January 26th 2017 Gianluigi Del Forno Plant manager


  • Zero accidents / incidents: implement our commitment to safety, health and occupational hazards with full respect for legislative requirements
  • Identify the danger factors and take the necessary corrective measures to reduce risks to the health and safety of individuals. Establish contingency and prevention plans to cope with residual risks
  • Educate, train and adequately equip employees in such a way that they can avoid dangerous situations and respond quickly to unexpected events, with a view to developing a preventive safety culture
  • Ensure that all externals entering the factory have adequate and appropriate information and training and are equipped to do their job safely


  • Consumer Confidence and Preference: consumer satisfaction and confidence for all our brands, products and services
  • Everyone’s commitment: Quality is a goal of the whole group
  • Food safety and full compliance: we never compromise on food safety and comply with all applicable legal requirements
  • The focus on customers is guaranteed by direct contact with its customers and consumers, in order to meet requests. Ethics and responsibility towards personnel is constantly guaranteed with the transfer of ownership
  • Zero defects and attitude not to waste: commitment to always try to excel and do not waste everything we do


  • Zero environmental accidents: commitment to always try to be environmentally friendly by integrating principles, programs and procedures for each activity and at each stage of the manufacturing processes
  • Use natural resources and energy efficiently and reduce waste


  • FOCUS TO CUSTOMERS: Implement the projects developed by the Sales and Marketing Departments with flexibility and promptness as direct interpreters of consumer needs in terms of quality, service and innovation
  • Provide products that meet the defined quality standards and provide customers with a high level of service and prompt assistance and information in the event of real or suspected non-compliance: zero complaints
  • Work on a concept of prevention, identifying and keeping PRPs under control in all areas