A few hours after the news of the conquest of the final championship by the Acqua San Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo, we went to meet one of the protagonists of this beautiful sporting history.
We offer you an exclusive interview with the captain, Federico Raviola , pure talent for the ball-punch, son of art, the father Ezio was a player, as well as former president of the League of the Societies of Pallapugno.


First of all, how did you spend the weekend after the victory against Torronalba Canalese. You have not exaggerated with the festivities, we hope? You only drank Acqua S.Bernardo and The Bio S.Bernardo, right?

Of course, I spent the weekend with my teammates, we celebrated the final and the birthday of Davide Arnaudo. Then Sunday all together to cheer the girls of the B1 team of BreBanca S.Bernardo Cuneo: we are a big family!

Seriously, what is it like to face so young (you will be 23 in a month) your first Scudetto final?

Surely it will be something unique, an emotion that I’ve never tried: the finals have always gone to see them, never to play them … I’ve always dreamed of living them in the first person, it will be something special!

You’re very young, we said it, but your opponent in the final is not joking, same age and he won a championship at the age of 19. How will you face this exciting duel?

Massimo Vacchetto is a phenomenal player, despite his young age has been a leading player in the final stages of the championship. I will deal with it with the utmost serenity, trying to enjoy the final, to have fun while having fun.

Who pushed you to practice this sport, which in the rest of Italy is not so well known? Is it true that your father (Ezio Raviola) is your first fan?

My father lives the games as if he were inside the field, even perhaps even inside my fist. I approached the ballpick randomly. My father played and, initially, several times he had proposed to me to play: I did not understand the game well and therefore repelled the invitation to the sender several times, also because my parents, fortunately, had brought me closer to the world of sport . At the time I practiced at least four more … One day, out of the pool of Mondovì (which is next to the sferisterio) while I was waiting for my mother to pick me up, I met Claudio Tonello who at the time played with my father, he asked me to try to give two punches: since I had to wait, I accepted. It was love right away, since then I have not stopped …

Would you recommend the ball to a kid or a girl? Where can you practice your discipline?

Yes absolutely, also because being a sport of tradition brings with it a lot of values. I recommend the ballpugno, but I generally suggest to do as much sport as possible. Because Sport is something unique, it transmits teachings that help you grow, especially on a human level, just because you live them on your skin. The pallapugno can be practiced in many areas of Piedmont and Liguria, since there are many companies. I, of course, recommend the square of Cuneo, but also the others are very equipped.

Finally, give us an advice on nutrition, as a sportsman, since you also take care of body training?

I believe that proper nutrition is mainly a lifestyle that one decides to take. In terms of psycho-physical wellbeing, a regular alimentary style is necessary combined with constant physical activity: this can make the difference. A tip: move, do not binge and drink a lot of water!

And when we’re thirsty, what should we drink?

All the Water Saint Bernard Life!

Ok, promoted to full marks, our captain. And of course “Good luck” “Long live the wolf”.

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