Unchanged quality, a new product, exclusive promotional items for restaurants and pizzerias. Thus the group aims at a new important development in the sector

It is a flexible and innovative development strategy that has been implemented by Acqua S. Bernardo for the Horeca sector. On the one hand the soul and the role of the brand are safeguarded, with its positioning in the high end of the market, the qualities of exceptional lightness of the product, and a premium design packaging, on the other it aims at growth in Italy, consolidating an important role in the Northern Horeca and increasing penetration in the Center and the South.

The Horeca di S.Bernardo network, in collaboration with distributors, is thus gathering new consumption points and identifying exclusive partners by area or by province.

After the completion of the range of bottles, the unmistakable “drops” of design by Giugiaro, the 75 cl sparkling glass, the half liter Pet Premium and the liter glass screw cap, 2016 for Acqua S.Bernardo was also the year of The Bio in S. Bernardo mineral water , a medium-high-end product that has been leveraged by consumers in both the large-scale retail trade and the Horeca.

Bars and restaurants are in fact increasingly looking for a plus to serve their customers. In this direction, The Bio S. Bernard with lemon and peach is able to combine its unique taste without excess sugar (is added only grape sugar) the characteristics 100% organic.

The Bio’s preparation in mineral water has been studied by the Montecristo Group’s R & D experts.

The BioBernardo recipe is very simple, with few ingredients, all coming from organic agriculture, which excludes the use of synthetic products and GMOs. Low caloric and protein intake, organic black extract, natural mineral water S. Bernard, grape sugar, and real fruit juice, to give the classic flavor to lemon and peach, the two tastes that have always had greater appeal on consumers.
Exceptional water, products other than water, but the Horeca in S. Bernardo continues its positive trend also thanks to the company’s commitment on a promotional level. The marketing of S.Bernardo has in fact chosen to reward its sales network with some objects dedicated and branded with water and tea. S.Bernardo frigovetrine are highly appreciated among restaurateurs. The bread baskets made of washable and ecological material, the branded Alessi glacettes and the plywood bags are also appreciated. For The Bio, t-shirts have been created with ecological and recycled material, pencils with real seeds to plant, flowers and spices.

And again, the “doggy bag” practices made of recycled material and the floating door bearing The Bio. For the Christmas holidays a real surprise for customers, to combine with the very elegant “blackboard bottle”.

Thanks to this push, the group’s Horeca network now has the objective of completing Italy in the short to medium term, with the presence of the S. Bernardo drops in every province and in every city. Later S. Bernard will then tell also the stories, the passions and the dishes of these splendid restaurant entrepreneurs.

Still in the Horeca sector, S. Bernardo’s push towards exports continues, the group after the exit at Anuga , in Cologne, in 2016 was at the Sial in Paris, the largest showcase in the world for food and beverage. Participation also confirmed at the International Horeca Meeting in Rome . In the meantime, the positive results in France continue, thanks to the acquisition of some clubs on the Côte d’Azur, which are added to the contracts in place in London and on the British market as well as on the Albanian, German, Japanese and Taiwanese ones. Finally, important projects have been launched in the US and Russia.

Last but not least, we can not forget the efforts of the S. Bernard group in terms of structural investments to increase production capacity. The five-year industrial plan on the Garessio and Ormea plants involved the installation of two new lines at Ormea and the preparation of a syrup preparation room dedicated to carbonated drinks and aseptic flat drinks.

The completion of the works is expected in 2017, but a line has already been in use since the end of the summer. After The Bio, the company is preparing to produce a new range of drinks branded S. Bernard, which can allow the brand to enter markets parallel to that of mineral water.

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