The San Bernardo Water Trophy at the Cuneo Subalcuneo

The San Bernardo Water Trophy at the Cuneo Subalcuneo

Raviola and his team won the title offered by the main sponsor
Excellent results for fund raising in favor of Spec Cengio

The second edition of the San Bernardo Trophy, quadrangular of pallapugno, took place in the afternoon of Sunday, March 26. It featured the formations of the companies supported by the well-known international brand. A fruitful collaboration that brought the two teams of the Acqua San Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo (series A and series B), the A series of Mondofood Acqua S.Bernardo Merlese and the B series of the San Biagio to the “Capello” in Cuneo.

The afternoon of Cuneo races, which regularly went on stage despite the incessant rains of the previous days, was started by the challenge between the San Bernardo Water Bre Banca Cuneo of captain Federico Raviola and the San Biagio of the champion Paolo Danna, at the official return to the world ball of the ball: 5-0 victory of the hosts. The second match saw the protagonist the Mondofood Acqua S.Bernardo Merlese of captain Andrea Pettavino and the Acqua San Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo of captain Gilberto Torino, with the Monregalese victorious for 5-0. In the ‘finalina’, therefore, the series B, with Torino forced to surrender against Danna (4-6). In the final on the field the two teams of the top flight, with the hosts victorious against Merlese with a score of 6-2.

At the end of the meetings, final award ceremony in the presence of Antonio Biella , general manager and managing director of Acqua S.Bernardo Spa, the water of the champions, which confirms its link with the territory and with the typical sport of Piedmont and Liguria. Also present were Valter Fantino , Councilor for Sports of the City of Cuneo and Aurelio Cavallo , president of the Sport in Cuneo, as well as representatives of the three participating companies ( Silvano Curetti, Federico Matta and Agostino Toscano ) who officially thanked S. S. Bernard for the proximity to the individual ballistic realities.

The day also had an excellent response from the standpoint of solidarity, given the positive result obtained by raising funds in favor of the company Spec di Cengio. A concrete help after the flood that, in the last month of November, seriously damaged the spherical plant of the Ligurian center.
Here are the results in detail:

Acqua S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo (series A) -San Biagio 5-0
Mondofood Acqua S.Bernardo Merlese-Acqua S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo (series B) 5-0
FINAL 3 ° -4 °
Water S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo (series B) -San Biagio 4-6
FINAL 1 ° -2 °
Water S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo (series A) -Mondofood Acqua S.Bernardo Merlese 6-2
The formations in the field:
San Bernardo Water Bre Banca Cuneo (series A): Federico Raviola, Davide Arnaudo, Danilo Mattiauda, ​​Luca Mangolini. Dt. Giuliano Bellanti.
San Bernardo Water Bre Banca Cuneo (series B): Gilberto Torino, Simone Re, Gabriele Re, Enrico Priale. Dt. Luca Mangolini.
Mondofood Acqua S.Bernardo Merlese: Andrea Pettavino, Marco Magnaldi, Enrico Rinaldi, Luca Luingua. Dt. Livio Tonello.
San Biagio: Paolo Danna, Leonardo Curetti, Giacomo Vinai, Andrea Aimo, Andrea Dalmasso. Dt. Diego Fazzone

In the photos, some stages of the San Bernardo Trophy and the presentation of the ball-fist formations that will face the next championship. The two personalities on the stage of the speakers are Antonio Biella and Ezio Raviola. Finally, Captain Federico Raviola also appears in a fresh graduation photo.

Source Subalcuneo Press Office

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