The caps of S. Bernard are "Green" and benefits

The caps of S. Bernard are "Green" and benefits

The young athletes of the Volley Mondovì Volleyball were awarded at the S. Bernardo di Garessio (Cuneo) plant, which this time stood out not so much for sporting merits, but in a work of solidarity and sharing.

Acqua S. Bernardo has been at the side of the Volleyball Mondovì Lpm in this beautiful project that has the flavor of ecology and altruism.
The General Manager of the S. Bernardo Group, Antonio Biella , with the plant manager Gianluigi Delforno and the president of LPM Pallavolo Mondovì Alessandra Fissolo awarded the young athletes registered Mondovì: Alessia Negro, Elena Gonella and, Alyssa Molineri and Beatrice Tissone (who worked in pairs).

All participated in the collection of plastic caps S. Bernardo, delivering respectively 6811, 3216 and 3162 for a corporate total of over 24 thousand green caps.

In the photo, a moment of the award ceremony

The partnership between the two companies goes beyond the sponsorship relationship and tightens up in the common aim of supporting the association “The Missiomondo onlus antenna”, established in 2005 in collaboration with the Diocese of Mondovì. The association has always engaged in the “Collect Caps”, and since 2010 has collected about 65 tons then sold to a company specializing in recycling plastic.

The “Antenna Missiomondo”, over time has managed to build water wells in the village of Torla in Burkina Faso and many other activities.
The Acqua S.Bernardo Group has decided to support LPM’s activities in support of the “Collect Caps” initiative by virtue of the sponsorship of LPM Bam Pallavolo Mondovì where it inserts its brand on the shirt of the “free” Serie A2 worn by Celeste Poma.

Acqua S.Bernardo is the ideal water for those who are attentive to well-being, like the sportsman. Light, as it is low in sodium, potassium and magnesium, it is easy to digest and becomes an ideal training partner.

The link between Acqua S.Bernardo and sport starts from afar and embraces different disciplines, from volleyball to women’s soccer, from basketball to ball-punching, in a real “polisportiva”.

Mondovì has always been a strategic reality for S. Bernard. As in every investment, the Piedmontese group has tried to support those who value the principles of territoriality, participation and all the healthy values ​​of sport, with top projects, but also dedicated to youth sectors.

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