With a splendid victory in the beautiful on the neutral field of Madonna del Pasco for 11-6 on the Torronalba Canalese, the Water San Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo has won a historic championship final.

The cuneese square sponsored by S.Bernardo (so called the teams in the ball), in the field with Federico Raviola, Davide Arnaudo, Enrico Rinaldi and Luca Mangolini , fought against the rivals of the Torronalba Canalese of captain Bruno Campagno , an institution in this sport, with its six Scudetto finals. In the end Raviola and his companions prevailed with a partial overwhelming, never had such a gap in a semi-final championship.

The first act of the Italian Serie A championship final will be on Saturday 29th October at 2.30pm in Castagnole Lanze , against the home team, the Araldica Castagnole Lanze . For the young Federico Raviola, captain of the Acqua San Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo is the first final in his career, after 6 years of Serie A, when he has not yet turned 23. He will have in front of another youngster of this sport, Massimo Vacchetto , captain of the Herdica Castagnole Lanze, also born in 1993 and who won his first championship in 2012 (the youngest captain to win a tricolor of all time). The Heraldic Castagnole Lanze is a real armored, but Raviola and his companions no longer fear any opponent. And all the friends of Acqua S.Bernardo will cheer for their pets.

For fans, but also only for the curious who had never heard of this wonderful sport (once known as an elastic ball) here is the news from the specialized portal of the ballpugno

First time from the two faces. A game apiece at the start, then the Cuneo climb to three, reassembling two games (from 40-15 and 40-30) to the canalesi to win the benefits. Water S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo more compact in all departments, Arnaudo precious to ricaccio, while in the canal house Campagno does not find meters batting and the ball does not go away to the ricaccio. So the scoreboard scores 5-1 for the red and white, despite the time out of the Canal bench after the fifth game. Then the Torronalba Canalese shakes, approaches and gets to balance the accounts at break, with the ninth game won in the only hunt and tenth to the advantages. Race reopened, they all think in the second half. Instead the Torronalba Canalese holds only at the beginning. First two games of Raviola and his companions, game of Canale, then winning stretches of the Acqua S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo, 9-6. Now it’s done, the last two games to zero for the final 11-6.
Water S.Bernardo Bre Banca Cuneo-Torronalba Canalese 11-6
WATER S.BERNARDO BRE BANCA CUNEO : Federico Raviola, Davide Arnaudo, Enrico Rinaldi, Luca Mangolini. Dt: Giuliano Bellanti.
TORRONALBA CANALESE : Bruno Campagno, Davide Devalle, Michele Vincenti, Stefano Nimot. Dt: Ernesto Sacco.
Referees: Daniele Santini and Andrea Ferracin.

If you want to relive the emotions of the semifinals and get excited about this traditional sport of Piedmont and Liguria, the land of Acqua S.Bernardo, you can watch the video of the match always made by

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