S. Bernard for the second year will dissect the Collisioni Festival and will do so with its fabulous mineral water and the bio drink flavored with lemon and peach.

Antonio Biella , General Manager of the S. Bernardo Group declares: «We return with enthusiasm to the most famous Agrirock Festival in Italy because Acqua S.Bernardo is well recognized in the spirit of the initiative. To want to feel good together with others and enjoy life in a natural way is what we have in common. With these assumptions we have also welcomed the “Agrishop” project. Acqua S.Bernardo is a historical piedmontese water which, very light, flows from the Maritime Alps. We recently crossed the milestone of the 90th anniversary of the foundation and we did it by naturally toasting, alongside the excellent wines of Barolo, the new The Bio in mineral water, completely organic. Acqua S.Bernardo in Piedmont is at home, we feel naturally at home in the Agrishop: we have the same vision of the territory and more generally of nature ».

In the photo (credit lastampa.it) a moment of the presentation (with a bottle of Acqua S.Bernardo, naturally …)

The AgriShop Collision, AgriLab Collisions and Wine Educational Board initiatives celebrating the tenth anniversary of the festival were presented in Barolo during the inauguration of the new spaces in the Falletti Castle, already the headquarters of the event. AgriShop Collisions and AgriLab Collisions are areas of storytelling and sales of local excellences. “A job that lasted two years, which has allowed us to make even more of a place in our municipality”, underlined the Mayor of Barolo, Renata Bianco .

At the inauguration there were also the Councilor for Culture of the Piedmont Region, Antonella Parigi, Filippo Taricco , artistic director of Collisioni, and Giandomenico Genta , president of the Crc Foundation. “The idea was born from a simple reflection – explained Taricco – helping tourists who arrive in Barolo to know the basket of the territory from the hazelnut of the high cheeses of the valleys of Piedmont”.

The permanent project is also enriched by a space at the Turin airport, for the dissemination and sale of products of excellence of Piedmont.

For information on Collisions

To participate in the events of the Festival that in this edition will see the participation among others of Robbie Williams, Placebo, The Offspirng, Renato Zero, Carmen Consoli, Max Gazzè and Daniele Silvestri write to info@collisioni.it or call +39 389 2985454 pre-sale on ticketone, piemonteticket, ciaoticket and in Collisioni points of sale

S.Bernardo represents the perfect union of quality, tradition and elegance. Its source originates in the Maritime Alps, at a height of 1,300 m asl, in a healthy and uncontaminated environment. Known since 1926 for its lightness and excellent organoleptic characteristics, from the nineties it is also an expression of Italian design, thanks to its unmistakable bottle “Gocce”, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Still today style icon. Distributed in the retail channels, ho.re.ca and door to door, it is available in a complete range of glass and pet formats. Since May 2015 it has become part of the Montecristo Group, which has become one of the leading producers of carbonated and aseptic drinks specializing in private labels and active in distribution in all modern channels.

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