Permanent Link: Natural or sparkling? Both for the free of the Lpm Pallavolo Mondovì

Permanent Link: Natural or sparkling? Both for the free of the Lpm Pallavolo Mondovì

The Acqua S. Bernardo Group has renewed its partnership with LPM Bam Pallavolo Mondovì, which will face its second Serie A2 championship . The agreement with the sports club of Mondovì confirms the direct commitment of Acqua S.Bernardo in its homeland.

In front of the large audience, the president Alessandra Fissolo, sport director Paolo Borello and the manager Chiara Pilone presented sponsors, team and jerseys to the city.
So unveil the new shirts, the fruit of the renewed partnership between the sports club and the renowned mineral.

The two “free” Elena Rolando e   Silvia Agostino will wear the knitwear from the characteristic green S.Bernardo and will thus be in a “natural” or “sparkling” version.
For the second consecutive year Acqua S.Bernardo, in fact, is the sponsor of the jerseys of the free.

Antonio Biella, General Manager of the S. Bernardo Group, says in a conference : ” When we married the project last year, we immediately realized the important role that this sports club plays in the Monregalese area. We are excited about the participation of the public even during a difficult and unfinished championship. Now, with the repechage in the A2 series, with an important coach coming from the A1 series, like Davide Delmati, we could not draw back. Also the fact that the S.Bernardo trademark is on the free shirt is not casual. It’s the role in the field that best suits the values ​​of our company: fighting on every ball, running, suffering and defending with the heart, to win the team ».

Acqua S.Bernardo is the fabulous water, ideal for those who are attentive to well-being. Lightweight, with a neutral pH and with very few nitrates and nitrites, it becomes an ideal training partner.

Acqua S.Bernardo is one of the lightest waters in Italy 34.5 mg / l of fixed residue, ph neutral (7) and very low nitrates (1.4)


S.Bernardo represents the perfect union of quality, tradition and elegance. Its source originates in the Maritime Alps, at a height of 1,300 m, in a healthy and uncontaminated environment. Known since 1926 for its lightness and excellent organoleptic characteristics, from the nineties it is also an expression of Italian design, thanks to its unmistakable “drops” bottle, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Still today style icon. Distributed in the retail channels, and door to door, it is available in a complete range of glass and pet formats. Since May 2015 it has become part of the Montecristo Group. St. Bernard. The long tradition of quality and Italian style.


The Montecristo Group is the result of the union of two Italian families, leading generations in the mineral water and beverage sectors. In the last four years the Group has made important steps on the national market, with the acquisition in 2011 of Fonte Ilaria spa of Lucca and in 2012 of Fonti Di Posina spa of Vicenza. Become one of the leading producers of carbonated and aseptic drinks specializing in private labels, is active in distribution in all modern channels.

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