Collisions 2016 unveiled the program. the bio S.Bernardo main partner

Collisions 2016 unveiled the program. the bio S.Bernardo main partner

The Collisioni 2016 program, the AgriRock Festival, which Barolo will host from July 14th to 18th, has been unveiled at a crowded press conference in the evocative setting of the Circolo dei Lettori di Torino.
The Bio S.Bernardo is the main partner of the most anticipated Festival of literature and music in Italy, held in the Italian wine mecca, in the magnificent landscape of Piedmontese Langhe, UNESCO heritage , natural stage to host music, meetings, in its squares dialogues with Nobel prizes for literature, stars of Italian and international music , world-renowned directors .

And the theme of the territory and the promotion of its fruits has been addressed by the creator and organizer of the event, Filippo Taricco . “Collisions today is spreading in Italy, from Friuli Venezia Giulia, to Liguria”, explained Taricco. A festival that promotes culture, the territory and the food and wine product.

“Also this year Collisioni is confirmed as one of the spearheads of Piedmontese and national summer programming – explained the Councilor for Culture and Tourism of the Piedmont Region Antonella Parigi – an example of how the cultural and tourist dimensions are able to join together becoming a company and becoming an attractive factor and of territorial promotion. Barolo is a festival that represents a model of how it is possible to create local development through a composite offer, which interweaves music, literature and entertainment with the excellent wine and food and wine offer of the Langhe “.

The theme of young people and wine will be one of the strengths of the event. “Usually those who attend a concert eat poor food and drink a little ‘beer – said Taricco – we bring the excellence of Piedmontese and Italian cuisine in the Festival.” Space therefore within the festival to fabulous Piedmontese cheeses, IGP ham, Piedmontese milk, hazelnut and chocolate. Products also presented to the numerous guests of the presentation in the post-conference aperitif. All naturally wet with excellent Piedmontese wine.

It is precisely with a view to promoting genuine products that the participation of Acqua S.Bernardo with its The Bio in mineral water becomes important. “Collisioni is a fascinating project, which we certainly do not discover today – explains Antonio Biella, director general of Acqua S.Bernardo – promoting a territory with top-level events, but also with its excellence is a winning idea. We brought our Bio to Collisioni because it is an organic, natural product that we believe we can marry with the warm days of the AgriRock Festival in Barolo “.


“Strangers” is a tribute to the genius of David Bowie, listening to his Strangers when we meet . But also a reflection on the fear that has fallen on our lives, in the eyes of passers-by, on the street after the bombs in Paris and Brussels. Fear for the stranger, for what we do not know in general. It matters little if they are two gays kissing or two veiled women at the tram stop. An anguish that they share the thousands of shipwrecked who every day flee the war and try to get to Europe, waking up on a beach after a shipwreck with nothing left in his pocket, no document, not even a name, have become “None”. But even those who believed in a dream of freedom and woke up without civil rights in a world dominated by a fear that makes us close the borders, not only physical but also internal. Yet art has always taught us that closing those borders is dangerous: it means dying inside. And it helps us keep them open when we listen to a song that sings a man’s love for another man. Or when we read a novel about an Afghan child. And it is always the same wonder, each time, to find oneself in what another person feels, the sudden amazement of recognizing and naming the stranger. It is Ulysses who lives again every time, when he opens his mouth, and the strength of his story makes his ragged look vanish, his beard uncultivated, while his words penetrate beyond the frontier. A festival should serve this: to bring together people who are willing – in spite of languages ​​and continents – to make that wonderful gesture of generosity that is listening.


Born for only eight years, Collisioni is currently the most important festival in Piedmont and is considered by most critics as the best festival in Italy for its innovative formula and the ability to speak to a transversal audience, proposing a varied offer of music, literature, cinema, high food and wine and family entertainment. The festival takes place in Barolo, a prestigious destination for international tourism known all over the world for its food and wine excellences and epicenter of the Unesco Piemonte territory, the only Italian wine-producing landscape to have deserved this recognition. A country transformed for a weekend in a big non-stop stage where every square and street of the village comes alive with meetings with the most prestigious names in world literature, music, journalism and entertainment, artistic installations, musical and theatrical performances and great concerts with the most important stars on the international scene.

The festival had the honor in 2012 to be chosen by Bob Dylan as the only Italian stage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his famous song Blowin ‘in the wind , in 2013 by the Jamiroquai as the only Italian date of their twentieth anniversary, in 2014 by Neil Young and the Deep Purple as the only Italian date of their world tour. Last year he hosted the concerts of Sting , Mark Knopfler, Passenger and Paolo Nutini among others.

But to understand the soul of an agrirock festival like Collisioni and understand the unique atmosphere that will be felt in Barolo in those days, the richness and quality of the cultural and musical program are not enough. Another great protagonist of the kermesse, in the country that is the symbol of Italian wine culture, wine , not only the Barolo wine , but also the great wines of excellence, guests of the festival coming from all the Italian regions , will be appreciated by the public during tastings. on the new wine and food stage of the Castello di Barolo . And above all the many regional stands dedicated to the great excellences of Italian cuisine, which will make the walks in Barolo in the days of Collisioni a continuous discovery, looking for ancient flavors and traditions. Stands where the chefs and producers meet the public, declining their knowledge in the key of street food, from the great excellences of Piedmont to those of the Marches , through Friuli Venezia Giulia , Abruzzo , Emilia Romagna , Veneto , and large southern regions.

14-15-16-17-18 July
Barolo (CN)


Thursday, July 14th
9.30 pm – Piazza Rossa: Modà in concert

Friday, July 15th
9.00 pm – Red Square: Elton John and his band in concert

Saturday 16th July
11:00 am – Piazza Blu
Corrado Augias – The last eighteen hours of Jesus

Writer, journalist, creator and host of cultural television programs, Corrado Augias presents in Collisioni his latest book, The Last Eighteen Hours of Jesus , an investigation that summarizes in a fascinating way decades of historical and theological discussions reconstructing a story that we believe, not always rightly, to know.
12:30 am – Piazza Blu
Atom Egoyan

In his films, the director, screenwriter and producer of Canadian national Armenian film develops two central themes: the question of identity and family roots and the issue of the use of technology as an ambiguous tool for the preservation of memory. Winner of the International Critics Award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film Exotica , author of masterpieces such as Chloe and Remembe r, Atom Egoyan will hold a film lesson to the Collisioni audience answering questions from fans.
2.00 pm – Piazza Blu
Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra, after winning Amici in 2009, has not stopped, she has in fact collected one record success after another: 17 platinum records, sold-out tour throughout Italy and the album Alessandra Amoroso in Spanish published in 14 countries. In 2014 he won the WonderWoman Award for Best Female Artist of the Year at the MTV Awards. In January 2016 Vivere a colori was released, immediately Platino’s record. At Collisioni Alessandra Amoroso will talk about her successes and her plans for the future.
2.00 pm – Piazza Rosa
Beppe Severgnini and Stefania Chiale – The taste of leaving. A journey through author journeys

A “journey among the journeys of the author”: the journey in the words of Italian writers and journalists. The journey is discovered: we will leave from the place of discovery par excellence, America. That of Mario Soldati ( America first love ) and that of Cesare Pavese, the place from which one returns home ( La luna ei falò ). The journey is an explanation: that of Guido Piovene ( Journey in Italy ). It is intuition, irony, poetry: discovering “the taste of leaving” of our literature.
2.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Cristiano De Andrè – The version of C

Cristiano De André tells an autobiography, written with Giuseppe Cristaldi, suffering and tormented that revolves around his relationship with his father Fabrizio, giant of Italian music. Cristiano, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, for the first time translates his most intimate silences and does so with an intimate narration: a unique opportunity to finally reckon with a troubled past and a future yet to be written. He talks about it to Collisioni together telling the audience.
3.30 pm – Piazza Blu
Michel Houellebecq

Essayist, poet, director, screenwriter, he is considered one of the most important writers of contemporary French literature. His novels have earned him an international reputation as a provocateur and in 2010 he won the Goncourt award with La Carta e il Territorio . Although his first two collections of poems had gone unnoticed, they were perceptible all the issues that will be treated later and that will determine their success: the existential solitude and the denunciation of liberalism. In 2016 he released La vita è rare , a collection in two volumes of all his poems that Houellebecq will present in Collisioni in one of his rare public appearances.
3.30 pm – Piazza Rosa
Loretta Goggi – A thousand women In me

Actress, TV and radio host, singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer, imitator, voice actor. Loretta Goggi, is not only a great protagonist of the stage, but also a writer with a happy, warm and refined pen. In her book, A Thousand Women in Me, she has chosen to confront twelve female figures who have left their mark on her life, inspiring passions, choices, loves, successes and careers.
3.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Francesco Renga – I will write your name

In April he released his seventh studio album I will write your name . Renga, already winner of Sanremo in 2005 with his Angelo , will talk about it with Ernesto Assante, retracing the steps of his career and answering the questions of the public.
4.30 pm – Red Square: White in concert

5.00 pm – Piazza Blu
Erri De Luca – The face of the clouds

Journalist, writer and Italian poet, in his first novel he says of him: “I did the oldest profession in the world. Not the prostitute, but the male equivalent, the worker who sells his body as a work force “. At Collisioni he will present his latest book The Face of the Clouds .
at 17:00 – Piazza Rosa
Carlo Conti

The famous author and television host will be a guest of Collisioni together with Ernesto Assante to tell his career, anecdotes, behind the scenes of the world of TV, and answer questions from the public.
at 17:00 – Piazza Verde
Nek – One of these days

Internationally renowned artist, with millions of records sold worldwide, after the success of the platinum album Before leaving, was released in May with the unpublished single One of these days that anticipates the new album of unpublished, coming out next fall, of which the artist will speak in Collisioni.
6.30 pm – Piazza Blu
Svetlana Aleksievič

The Belarusian journalist was a chronicler and author of books on the main events of the Soviet Union of the second half of the twentieth century: from the war in Afghanistan, the Chernobyl disaster, the suicides following the dissolution of the USSR. Until the advent of Perestroika, he lived very hard years of persecution. In October 2015 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature , “for his polyphonic writing, a monument to suffering and courage in our time”. A great honor, for Collisioni, to host the fourteenth woman in Barolo and the first Belarusian person to win the Nobel Prize.
6.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Luciano Ligabue – Sorry for the mess

Luciano Ligabue represents the most authoritative and credible incarnation of rock in Italy in the last quarter of a century. 19 albums, 5 books, 2 films, over 700 concerts including theaters, clubs, sports halls, stadiums and large open spaces. After 5 years he returns to Collisioni and presents the disorder , his third book of short stories: 16 stories, each of which is distinguished by the presence of music in many of its forms and by surreal elements or situations.
6.30 pm – Piazza Rosa
Vittorino Andreoli – The thirteen Jesus: a contemporary portrait from the twentieth century to Pope Francis

An internationally renowned psychiatrist, author of best-sellers translated into various languages, Vittorino Andreoli will be in Collisioni to present The Thirteen Jesus. With this book the author returns to the figure that has fascinated and influenced his work as a scholar facing some open nodes through the writings of thirteen great writers, thinkers and theologians of the twentieth century: from Hegel to Pope Francis.

7.00 pm Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

Antonio Galloni

An independent American writer and editor, today the most important wine writer of Italian wine in the world, he counts some of the most important wine journalism brands in the editorial office of his Vinous, such as Stephen Tanzer, David Schildnekht, Josh Raynolds in Ian D’Agata. Considered among the most innovative online magazines in the sector with subscribers in over 75 countries, Vinous has been able to bring the wine to a cultural dimension and an essential element of the history of our civilization, while giving precise guidance to readers about the wines of higher quality produced in Italy and in the world. He will bring his experience and his professional projects to Collisioni, with many novelties to be told first.

8.00 pm – Piazza Rossa: Federico Poggipollini in concert

8.00 pm – Piazza Blu
Stefano Benni

Writer, humorist, journalist, screenwriter, poet and playwright. Stefano Benni has written more than 20 books translated into over 30 languages. Known for his style of writing full of word games, neologisms and parodies of other literary styles, in his novels and stories are contained not only imaginary worlds and situations, but also a strong satire of Italian society in recent decades. At Collisioni Stefano Benni will dialogue with the audience by reading some passages of his works.
8.00 pm – Piazza Rosa
Loredana Bertè – Friends I do not have … But friends, yes!

Ligabue called her “the most punk artist among Italian singers”. After his first and only autobiography Moving … it went like this and the commitment as a judge to Friends , back to the discography with an ambitious cd declined to the feminine: Friends I have not … but friends yes! In fact, the production is by Fiorella Mannoia and duets with Loredana the greatest Italian female interpreters.
8.00 pm – Piazza Verde
The Kolors

Stash and The Kolors are a band formed by Stash Fiordispino (vocals, guitar), Alex Fiordispino (drums and percussion), and Daniele Mona (synth and percussion). Passionate about rock and electronic music, the trio began collaborating in Milan in 2010. In 2015 they released the album Out, which immediately took first place among the best-selling albums in Italy, reaching the fourth platinum with over 200,000 copies sold and a good 34 million of views on Youtube. They have opened concerts of the likes of Paolo Nutini, Gossip and Hurts. The Kolors will meet their fans in a public debate conducted by Ernesto Assante.
9.30 pm – Piazza Rosa
Roberto Vecchioni – The life that you love

The well-known singer-songwriter and author, as well as university professor, after the novel Il Mercante di luce which gave the Tour 2015 its name, is told in the most intimate, most autobiographical and urgent way in his new book The Loving Life which will be presented at Barolo. “Here I am,” he writes. In this book the very idea of ​​life and happiness, the sense of the rolling of the days, finds a form of story.
9.30 pm – Piazza Verde: Cosmo in concert

10.30 pm – Red Square: Marco Mengoni in concert

10.30 pm – Piazza Verde: Africa Unite in concert

11:30 pm – Piazza Rosa: Dj Set Saturnino

Sunday 17th July
11:00 am – Piazza Blu
Mauro Corona – The way of the sun

The eclectic climber, a wooden sculptor, writer, philosopher of nature, returns to Collisioni to present his latest book, La via del sole , a story that aims to unmask hypocrisies and fictions of modernity, a great moral story, a reflection of absolute topicality on the relationship between man and nature and a timeless meditation on the deceptions of desire.
12:00 am – Piazza Blu
Lorenzo Fragola – Zero Gravity

The young winner of X Factor 2014, double platinum at Sanremo 2015 with the single We are equal and gold record with the single Infinite aimed at Sanremo 2016, Best New Artist at MTV AWARDS 2015, will present his new project Zero Gravity released on 11 March and already in first place of the best-selling discs.
2.00 pm – Piazza Blu
Marco Mengoni

The singer-songwriter of Ronciglione after the success of the two multiplatinum discs released in 2015, Parole in Circolo 1uno / di2due and the things that I have not two / two , and while continuing with his record tour, MengoniLive2016 , will be guest at Barolo exclusively for meet fans and answer questions from the public.
2.00 pm – Piazza Rosa
Gianni Vattimo

A pupil of Luigi Pareyson and colleague of studies, as well as a friend, of Umberto Eco, the Turin philosopher, among the leading exponents of the postmodern current, the theorizer of weak thought, will meet and be told to the Collisioni public. Torinese, he was Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy and Professor Emeritus at the same University. He has edited cultural programs of Rai, written for La Stampa and La Repubblica and directed the Rivista di estetica .
2.00 pm – Piazza Verde
Smemoranda Event: Marta & Gianluca and Boiler Comedy Project

Also this year the diary of the Festival is just Smemoranda. On stage to make us laugh there will be the comedians of Zelig Marta & Gianluca , famous for their fun and intelligent parody of Speed ​​Date (“the quick appointment” where single participants sit opposite each other and start talking to try to know and make themselves known within a pre-established time limit), and the Boiler Comedy Project (Federico Basso, Gianni Cinelli and Davide Paniate), the trio of unlikely journalists who usually ask hilarious questions at surreal press conferences.
3.30 pm – Piazza Blu
Emma – Now

She has been artistic director of Amici since 2014, twelve platinum records in five years of career and a victory at Sanremo 2012. In November 2015 she published Now , the fifth album of unreleased songs that in just a few weeks reached the platinum record which for the first time saw her also engaged in the role of producer. Tirelessly from the artistic point of view as well as from the human one, Emma will be in Collisioni to talk about herself before leaving for her long tour in the Italian palazzetti from September.
3.30 pm – Piazza Rosa
Mara Maionchi and Alberto Salerno – First year is bad, everyone else getting worse

Mara Maionchi is a well-known record producer and television personality who has worked for the likes of Mogol and Battisti. Alberto Salerno is lyricist and record player, among others, for Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Mango, Umberto Tozzi, Anna Oxa. When I’m at home together, however, it is only Mara and Alberto: married since 1976 to Collisioni, on the occasion of the release of their autobiography The First Year is bad, all the others are getting worse , the secret of their marriage: send yourself to that country and start over.
3.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Francesco Guccini – A wedding, a funeral, not to mention the cat

Francesco Guccini is an integral part of Italian history, not only that of music: singer-songwriter among the most cultured and refined, politically speaking, journalist, teacher, writer of comics and successful writer. Return to Collisions to present his latest book A wedding, a funeral, not to mention the cat.

Stories of life lived, cut out in a time that remains fixed in memory and that have the right to be remembered. The narrative, like the songs, manages to tell people that through the words remain alive by dressing in some way of eternity.
5.00 pm – Piazza Blu
Richard Ford

In 1995 he won the Pulitzer Prize for The Sportswriter , an autobiographical story included by Time in the list of the 100 best novels written in English from 1923 to 2005, and in the same year both the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN / Faulkner Prize for his sequel Independence Day. The American writer who described his sense of language as “a source of pleasure in itself, in all its bodily qualities: the syncopations, the forms, the sounds, the way words appear on the page”. tells the Festival for the first time.

at 17:00 – Piazza Rosa

Samuele Bersani – The luck we have

One of the most important and recognized Italian singer-songwriters arrives at Collisioni to take stock of his artistic career. Discovered by Lucio Dalla in 1991, which wanted him open to all the concerts of his tour, Cambio , is one of the few artists to have won three Targhe Tenco, the most prestigious Italian music award. After 25 years of career, his first live album was released in June 2016 : The fortune we have, collects the songs performed in the summer 2015 during the unique Plural show at the Auditorium in Rome and during the Canzoni concert for woods, strings and brass , with the “I Pomeriggi Musicali” Symphony Orchestra.
at 17:00 – Piazza Verde

Negramaro and Barolo. Two vines but also a pop rock band and an Agri-rock Festival. The ingredients of a meeting that promises to be as interesting as a tasting are all there. To guide us in this musical journey, Ernesto Assante will moderate the meeting with the public to retrace the most interesting moments of their career and discover the new projects of the well-known band from Puglia.
6.30 pm – Piazza Blu
Abel Ferrara

His films tell stories of religion, redemption, sin, betrayal and violence and are set in nocturnal and infernal metropolis. He has directed films like The Bad Lieutenant , Serpent Eyes, Welcome to New York and Pasolini and has recently made a documentary about Padre Pio for Deejay Tv on which he says he wants to make a feature film. The director, actor, screenwriter and American musician who lives in Rome because he says: “I love Italy, life is wonderful there and I want to stay there”, will be at Collisioni to talk about his films and his future projects.
6.30 pm – Piazza Rosa
Giuseppe Giacobazzi and Carlo Negri – A little about me

Giuseppe Giacobazzi, born Andrea Sasdelli, is one of the most famous and beloved of Zelig, where he landed in 2006, after a long apprenticeship in radio and private TV. He toured Italy with a very successful tour, like Apocalypse and A bit ‘of me. For the first time, it is told in Collisioni together with Carlo Negri, presenting a book that is a bit confession and a lot of satire. From his unsuspected past in the world of fashion to the joys of marriage, to the constant anxiety of those who live on stage.
6.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Claudio Baglioni – Youth Award

The Young Award, a recognition with a strong symbolic meaning, delivered by a representation of boys and girls from all Italian regions, is destined for an artist and his extraordinary creative and human experience: Claudio Baglioni, courageous captain, recognized master of popular music Italian, but also a symbol of commitment thanks to its project O’Scia ‘, music and art festival born in Lampedusa as a form of awareness on the problem of illegal immigration that for years afflicts the Sicilian island, which has become an event of international renown for the quality and quantity of the artists involved.
7.00 pm – Red Square: Xylaroo in concert

8.00 pm – Piazza Rossa: Giosada in concert

8.00 pm – Piazza Blu

Vasco Rossi says of her that “he has a precise and authoritative way to sing, he divides the words as if he throws them away while he puts them inside his heart”. Noemi, the talent coach The Voice of Italy, four studio albums, a live album, an ep, 18 singles, and 11 promotional songs, over 690,000 copies sold, several gold, platinum and multiplatinum records are told at the Festival after the success of the so called ” Cuore d’artista” which contains the single “Sanremo” The bag of a woman .
8.00 pm – Piazza Verde
Ron – The strength to say yes

Some of his songs have entered law in the history of Italian music, like Attenti al lupo , We do not need words, The leaves and the wind and I would like to meet you in a hundred years , with which he won, on the stage with Tosca, the 46th Sanremo Festival. Ron is also an active supporter of AISLA: ten years after the first duet album, But when you say love , it came out in March The strength to say yes , double cd whose proceeds will also this time be donated to the research against lateral sclerosis Sclerosis. Ron will be a guest at Collisioni to talk about this new project and answer questions from the public.
9.00 pm – Piazza Rossa: Calcutta in concert

9.30 pm – Piazza Verde
Social State (meeting in music) – The Movement is stopped

The Bolognese band, with the two first albums in the standings, sold-out concert tours and a huge following on the social networks in vertiginous growth, offers the Collisioni public an exclusive reading in music of their first novel The Movement is stopped . Between betrayals and new encounters, sudden escapes, passions and revolutionary dreams, in the end there is only one certainty: to struggle means to change every day. To make something happen, to keep the energy alive, which is the only thing that remains when everything is still.
10.00 pm – Piazza Rosa: Andy Dj Set

10.30 pm – Red Square: Mika in concert

11.00 pm – Piazza Verde: Modena City Ramblers in concert

Monday, July 18th
Red Square: 7.30 pm – Niccolò Fabi in concert and 9.30 pm – Negramaro in concert

– Modà – Thursday 14 July: € 23 including advance sales
– Elton John and his band – Friday 15 July: € 59.80 inclusive of presale
– Marco Mengoni : Saturday, July 16th: € 37 including pre-sale
– Mika : Sunday, July 17, sold out
– Negramaro and Niccolò Fabi : Monday, July 18th € 23 including pre-sale
– 3 concerts subscription: Marco Mengoni 16 July, Mika 17 July, Niccolò Fabi and Negramaro 18 July: € 80.50 inclusive of presale;
– Carnet Saturday, July 16th: Marco Mengoni concert ticket + ticket Saturday 16th July day (all meetings and concerts): € 37.00 including presale.
– Collision Ticket Festival 2016 daily (all meetings and concerts, excluding concerts scheduled in Piazza Rossa): € 6.90 inclusive of presale
Tickets purchased at Barolo at the Collisioni offices or online at Ticketone and at Ticketone, Piemonteticket and Ciaotickets sales points / tel. +39 389 2985454 /
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