Acqua S.Bernardo returns to Messer Tulipano to quench the thirst of visitors and present its H2Orto

Acqua S.Bernardo returns to Messer Tulipano to quench the thirst of visitors and present its H2Orto

Acqua S.Bernardo will once again be the official water of the 18th edition of Messer Tulipano, the extraordinary event between nature and culture, which celebrates spring in the heart of Piedmont, at Castello di Pralormo, famous for the extraordinary flowering of over 90 thousand tulips . The event opens on April 1st and will close on May 1st.

For the 18th edition of Messer Tulipano, as usual, side events, exhibitions and evocative sets are planned.

The event was presented at Palazzo Cisterna in Turin, historical site of the Province of Turin, now Metropolitan City. This is the issue of the age of majority, as the Count Consolata Beraudo of Pralormo recalled in his speech.
Carlotta Trevisan, deputy councilor of the metropolitan city, explained how the Castle of Pralormo is “a treasure of the metropolitan city” and a visit to Messer Tulipano can be “informative for both adults and children” .

The organization of Messer Tulipano has been as usual cured in every detail “we begin to think about the next edition a year before – explained the countess – We focus on flowers, but also on large trees. Among the novelties of this year we will present a secret collection of Chinese bonsai, one and a half meters tall “ .
The tulips have gone from 80 to 90 thousand thanks to the opening of a new park area. Children will be as usual pampered between workshops and games. Among the curiosities also of the Dog Bar, points of refreshment for dogs.

Pralormo, as explained by the mayor Lorenzo Fogliato will also organize a series of collateral events for the many visitors, last year up to 9 thousand people every Sunday.

Also present is Ippolito Ostellino , director of the Protected Areas Park of the Po and of the Collina Torinese. Among the partners of the event, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin with its “Masters of taste” and our Acqua S. Bernard, which as mentioned by the Countess of Pralormo “is a pride of Piedmont “.

This year, the Drops, bottles designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, will not only dissect all the participants in the event. Acqua S.Bernardo presents H2Orto: a true suspended vegetable garden created with the Pet di Acqua S.Bernardo bottles.
From the branches of a large tree, a centuries-old cedar of the Lebanon, hang bottles of S. Bernard, in which are planted various essences, aromatic plants, small fruits and some flowers.

From this installation visitors will be inspired to create their own hanging vegetable garden at home, recycling and adapting the drops, the S. Bernard bottles, to create green corners that are also suitable for balconies and city terraces.

A detailed sign will illustrate the steps to follow to recreate your own H2Orto S.Bernardo.

The second installation dedicated to our water will be on the lawn, in the shade of a large tree, among the fresh vegetables, with an elegant set table on which S. Bernardo glass bottles will stand out.

« We are happy to return to the Castello di Pralormo for Messer Tulipano: the place and the event represent the spirit of S.Bernardo – explains the general manager Antonio BiellaWe have in fact launched a range of products inspired by the bio world, also our water flows from the Maritime Alps in untouched nature. We are fascinated by the history of Italy, as it is narrated from this enchanted place, owned by the Counts Beraudo di Pralormo since far back in 1680. The Castle, each of its surroundings and in every corner of the park, tell unmissable stories of our past, the its perfect conservation projects us into a future that has solid foundations, based on this territory and its nature “.

The 2017 edition will be dedicated to the theme “Trees tell”, developed with installations and exhibitions. The theme of the trees will also be interpreted by artists and stylists who, inspired by the magic of Nature, will dedicate to Messer Tulipano themed creations.

The castle of Pralormo is part of the Association of Italian Historic Houses and Large Italian Gardens


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