Acqua S.Bernardo main sponsor of Arte in Piazza

Acqua S.Bernardo main sponsor of Arte in Piazza

The Boves square of Cuneo as Montmartre on 9 and 10 September

“S. Bernard is a fable” is the claim of our water and has all the characteristics of the story even the next event of which we are main sponsor, or “Art in Piazza” in Cuneo, with the square Boves as Montmartre scheduled 9 and 10 September.
In its second edition, “Arte in Piazza” invades the Piedmontese city with the colors and forms of art. The review was presented during a press conference in the Hall of Honor of the City of Cuneo by Francesco Albanese, president of the Cultural Association Piazza Boves and the vice-president of the association Nathalie Cescatti.

Of French origins, Nathalie Cescatti recalled how the inspiration of “Arte in Piazza” came to her bringing her elderly mother to Montmartre. After a first test edition, the one of this year has all the characteristics of the great pop event, as explained by the event manager Denise Borda.
Also present at the presentation were Ivana Mulatero, Peano Foundation, curator of the Ambiente Domestico exhibition, Matilde Domestico, protagonist of the same exhibition with her porcelain and paper installations, which take shape from real cups of coffee and tea. And to witness the strong connection between Italy and France, between Cuneo and Nice, Manuela Vico, Alliance Française Cuneo and Elisabetta Emina Gaspard, Epicerie d’Art de Gaspard. Luca Serale, Councilor for Tourism and Commerce of the Municipality of Cuneo, did his best to do the honors.
Arte in Piazza is a meeting between street artists, illustrators, painters and sculptors, a public event that aims to be open and inclusive.
Montmartre is a fascinating place, rich in art and magic, where time seems to have stopped at the Belle Époque, when the Parisian artists found themselves painting in the picturesque square behind the Sacré-Cœur and the bohemians were discussing poetry at the bistro tables. In the air the impromptu notes of some musician were the background to the walks of lovers on the belvedere overlooking the city. This same atmosphere will take place on 9 and 10 September in Piazza Boves, in Cuneo, on the occasion of the Arte in Piazza event that will see over 100 Italian and foreign artists at work.

To start the event the ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Cuneo Saturday, September 9 at 10 followed by the inauguration of the sculpture that the San Carlo Technical Schools have created for Piazza Boves. The event will continue for the entire weekend from 10 to 19.


Two guests will be the guests of honor this year. Among the street artists, Arte in piazza will host Pao, the pioneer of Italian street art, famous for his penguins painted on concrete pillars that have become an icon of urban art worldwide. Cuneo will be able to boast a work by the most famous Italian street artist.

He will then return to Arte in Piazza Patrick Moya, who will perform a spectacular live painting performance in which he will transform the bodywork of a Vespa into a sculpture. At the same time, his installation “Moya in Wonderland” will be exhibited in the underground rooms of the square and will be open until 8 October. Saturday 9 am to 6 pm the installation will be presented by the artist together with the assistant Florence Canarelli and the curator Elisabetta Emina-Gaspard. In recent years Moya has made stops in Cuneo several times on the occasion of exhibitions and performances and just to celebrate his tie with Cuneo Saturday 9 to 11 in the Hall of Honor of the City of Cuneo will be awarded an honor in recognition of the important artistic contribution given to the city.


Parallel to Arte in Piazza, the prestigious premises of the Circolo ‘L Caprissi will host the exhibition “Ambiente Domestico 09092017”: cups, plates, pots and cups become columns, spheres and spirals in the very original works of the Turin sculptor Matilde Domestico. The exhibition is organized by the Peano Foundation and curated by Ivana Mulatero. The guided tours are organized by the FAI volunteers of the Cuneo delegation. On the week-end of Arte in Piazza the exhibition will be open from 10 to 19, while from Monday 11 to Sunday 17 September it will be open from 4 to 7 pm. On Sunday 10 at 11:30 there will be an aperitif to present the exhibition in the presence of the artist and of the curator. Admission is free and free.


One of the most awaited events is the one with body painting: in body painting, the work of art becomes alive, the body is no longer just the support of painting but becomes the protagonist of the work that moves through the movement and begins to live a life of its own. Saturday, September 9th will perform five professional body painters, champions nationally and internationally. Their models will then perform a choreography at the opening of the The Boogie Checkers concert scheduled for the evening. In addition to demonstrating their mastery, the body painting champions will compose the technical jury of the competition on Sunday 10 September, when the artists in the race will be inspired by the superhero world of books, cartoons and comics to paint their models. Viewers will also play an important role. In fact, the public will award two prizes: the one for the most beautiful work and the one for the model that best interprets, with expressions, gestures and movements, the work that it carries on the body. The organization and artistic direction of the body painting section is curated by Ennio Bettoni, historical body painter s organizer of competitions and festivals in Italy and abroad.


Art in the square is also suitable for children: in the laboratories stand, the make-up and the activities organized by the Cooperative Valdocco will offer games and workshops for an artistic experience specifically designed for children. For adults Saturday 9 to 15 is instead provided the Atelier de carnets de voyage. The internationally renowned Carnettist Sighanda will guide the participants in an experience that combines the knowledge of the French language and the special art form of the carnet de voyage in a perfect combination of expressive languages. The initiative is coordinated by the Peano Foundation in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Cuneo and is curated by Ivana Mulatero.


In order to include also the graphic among the arts present at Arte in Piazza last February, the contest for the realization of the Arte in piazza manifesto was launched. Among the many works received, the jury, chaired by the historic cartoonist from Cuneo, Danilo Paparelli, chose Federico Ghiotti. «Ghiotti has been able to make the central idea of ​​Arte in piazza intensely and original: to give life back to a forgotten place through art, to” remove dust “from that place once loved by the Cuneo area, Piazza Boves. The intensity of the color and the essentiality of the subject capture in a poetic and incisive way the intent that is at the base of the manifestation. Beyond a manifesto it is a work of art in itself ». The winner will receive a € 500 prize offered by Web & Tech Solutions. An honorable mention has been conferred on the work of Chiara Aime. The award ceremony will take place, as scheduled, Sunday, September 10th at 6pm.


Arte in piazza is part of a wider project of urban regeneration that aims to give a new face and a new identity to Piazza Boves, investing it with a new meaning that makes it a place of sharing and beauty. A key element of this transformation is art, considered in all its facets: painting, sculpture, illustration, but not only, also emerging art forms, with an eye to urban art and applied arts. This enhancement strategy is divided into two main operations: the first aims to transform the physical space of Piazza Boves through artistic interventions that modify the appearance, while the second aims to make it a lively place, full of artistic and cultural events. One of the most significant interventions will be the placement on the square of the sculpture winner of the 21st International Sculpture Competition Live held by the Peano Foundation: a sculpture designed specifically for Piazza Boves which will have as its theme “the swan”, symbol of the Peano Foundation. It will be precisely the public in the square to decree the winning work by voting one of the three finalist sketches that will be exhibited at the Club Caprissi in conjunction with the exhibition of Matilde Domestico.


After the realization of the murals that have colored the square since last year, another goal of the project is the creation of an “open-air art gallery”, a permanent exhibition consisting of works that will be placed on the buildings of the square. The painters present at Arte in piazza will pay homage to some specially designed works that will inaugurate the gallery. The collection will then be renewed and expanded over time. As the majestic mural at the entrance to the underground car park mentions, Piazza Boves is the “piazza dell’amore”: “Love” understood in its infinite nuances, like a feeling that has various origins, different evolutions and above all different subjects. All the works present are inspired by this theme, freely interpreted by the artists’ creativity.


In order to carry out the regeneration project of Piazza Boves, the “Piazza Boves” Cultural Association was founded in 2016, founded by the local merchants but open to all those who share their objectives. At the base of the initiative there is the idea of ​​promoting a participatory process that sees the whole citizens re-appropriating a place that belongs to everyone, where everyone can feel welcomed and breathe the art that surrounds them.


The urban regeneration project of Piazza Boves finds its culmination in Arte in Piazza. Its realization involves a great commitment both from an organizational and economic point of view. Fortunately there are many companies that believed in the project. Art in the square can boast the patronage of the Piedmont Region, the City of Cuneo, Ville de Nice, FAI delegation from Cuneo, Confcommercio, Il Porticone and is realized thanks to the contribution of the CRC Foundation. The operational partners that collaborated in the event are: the Alliance Française of Cuneo, the Peano Foundation,, the Circolo L’Caprissi, the Epicerie d’art de Gaspard, Technical Schools of San Carlo. Main sponsors of Arte in the square are Acqua San Bernardo, Banca di Asti, McDonald’s, Kobra, Plastimark and Copro. They supported the Nathalie Beautee event, Web & Tech Solutions, Coffee and Good Spirits, Santa Delia Real Estate Studio, Up, Urban Jungle, La Drapperia, Sianaba Center, Banca Alpi Marittime, Cassa Rurale and Artigiana di Boves, UBI Banca, Coldiretti Cuneo, Lions Club Cuneo. Also contributing to the event were the technical sponsors Castelmar, Effe.A Assicurazioni, Eurodecor, Hotel Lovera Palace, Hotel Draconerium, Hotel La Ruota, Hotel Quadrifoglio, Bingoblu, Il Ristorantino di Michelis, Pietro traslochi e trasporti, COPI, Misericordia Cuneo, Cooperativa Valdocco , Brico Center. Official photographers are video clips and photos and Luca Borsotto. The event is also made possible thanks to volunteers, volunteers, merchants and residents who actively collaborate in making Piazza Boves a place of art and beauty.

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