Acqua S.Bernardo, June record 22.5 million bottles sold. 11 new people hired by the Garessio and Ormea plants

Acqua S.Bernardo, June record 22.5 million bottles sold. 11 new people hired by the Garessio and Ormea plants

The past month of June, one of the hottest in recent years, has certainly played a decisive role, but for Acqua S.Bernardo a new historical record has also arrived, with almost 22.5 million bottles sold. Result that brings the production in mid-2017 to over 91 million bottles, or well beyond the performance achieved in the first two years of activity under the wing of the Montecristo Group and who had already seen the best data in the history of the Piedmontese company, founded in 1926.

The growth in production is combined with a peak in turnover which stood at + 32% compared to last year. As for the distribution sectors, as already in 2016, the response of the Horeca sector has been determined. The growth of Horeca was even surprising, marking a + 42% in the last year compared to the previous year.

Overall, the brand recorded a + 29% increase in both the glass “Drops” and the Pet. In terms of formats, the novelty of the 2 liters has immediately hit the market, while the growth of the Premium liter medium is confirmed as a pleasant constant from the day of its launch. In some ways it is also surprising to increase the so-called “green” formats of returnable glass. The reuse of glass bottles represents today an ideal combination between drinking water in the element that enhances its characteristics and respects our planet.

With regard to products, the policy of widening the range launched with the Bio S. Bernardino to peach and lemon continues, which is combined with the bottling in the new line of the Ormea plant of other third party brand beverages, some of which are definitely innovative.

To the positive numbers on the production front, the development of the group on the employment front is added. Thanks to the consolidation of the first two years of Montecristo management, Acqua S.Bernardo has hired, in the course of 2017, 11 new employees for the Garessio and Ormea plants.

On the corporate marketing front, in the Horeca sector the customer support activity is intensified, coordinated with large and small personalized gadgets. Acqua S.Bernardo, also for this year, has chosen to support countless small and large events and activities around Italy, from sport to culture, passing through the social sphere.

Great satisfaction for the result of June is expressed by the Director General of Acqua S.Bernardo and the Montecristo Group, Antonio Biella .

“In June, the climate gave us back the interests that we had taken away in November – explains Biella – For this result I have to thank first of all our customers and our employees who believe every day in San Bernardo. Our employees deserve to be thanked one by one, but it would be impossible, as we continue to grow also in terms of personnel. We still have two months of hard work to close the summer, a fundamental season for our beverage sector, but this does not scare us. When the going gets tough, the tough start playing, “ concludes Biella.

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